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Portals of Light and Shadow: Photographs as Thresholds of Identity

In every photograph that attracts us, there is not a moment lost in time, but an ongoing promise. The power of these images lies not in their ability to fix an instant, but in their gift of launching us in multiple directions: backwards, in memory; forward, in anticipation; and even more deeply, in contemplation. Such images, which function as emotional portals, are rarely simplistic; they have the ability to invite us on a journey that goes beyond what is immediately visible.

This is where we encounter an unexpected but irresistibly compelling theme: the act of crossing something. No, we're not just talking about obvious doors and passages. The interesting thing often lies in the subtle suggestion that something is waiting for us, right there, in a space that the eye may not see, but that the heart feels .

Why is the concept of crossing so enigmatic? Perhaps because it resonates with the human spirit itself, always searching, always curious. Think about Alice , of the literary classic, and his journey through the mirror. She doesn't just move from one place to another; she enters new dimensions of understanding, faces challenges and returns transformed. Just like Alice, each of us faces our own "mirrors" — challenges, decisions, changes — that ask us to be brave enough to take the next step.

Na psychology, the concept of liminality — the state of being on the threshold between one point and another — explores this idea in a profound way. It is a state of suspension, but also of potential. We could say that many photographs that make us pause and look capture this same quality. They show us a moment suspended in space and time, full of possibilities.

But make no mistake, the implications go beyond the individual. In a world in constant flux, where Geopolitical changes and environmental crises pressure us to think about new forms of coexistence, the act of "crossing" can be seen as a collective imperative. These images become a tangible symbol of our interconnectedness and the need to move forward, even when the path ahead is uncertain.

Woman on television with printed shirt
Photo by Tadeu Vilani

When exploring the world through the lens of this transposition, we are not just observing landscapes or portraits; we are diving into a sea of meanings, navigating the complexity of human existence. And this, in itself, gives immeasurable value to the intricate journey that is our search for meaning and understanding.

Written by Angela Rosana, learn more about me here.< /span>

Credits to the photographers appear in the images, with links to their respective Instagram profiles. Find out more about each person’s work!

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Published on Instagram in September 2023


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