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Birds in Flight: Clicks of Impermanence

Photographing birds in flight is a silent dialogue with nature. Each click is a question to the immense blue above us and each photo is an answer that the sky gives back to us, complex and multifaceted. This is a practice that invites reflection on themes such as time, movement and the passing condition of life.

By focusing on the firmament, we bring to the context of photography all the symbolism and mystique it carries. heaven has been, throughout history and in different cultures, a space associated with the divine, the ethereal and the unreachable. Therefore, when we photograph birds as they fly through this domain, we are also exploring these intangible themes.

In this sense, the act of photographing makes us question the nature of time which, like the sky, is at the same time concrete and abstract, measurable but infinite. It also makes us ponder movement, an intricate dynamic of forces that the laws of physics drive and that manifests itself so noticeably and beautifully in the form of a bird in voo .

These images become a fragment of our thinking, expressing the essence of what it means to be alive and to be an inhabitant of this planet under an immense and abundant sky. It's a way of finding meaning and connection in a world that often seems like us. -da-fotografia-ca%C3%B3tica" target="_blank">chaotic or indifferent.

And each time we revisit these images, we are reminded of these reflections, and perhaps we emerge from them a little more aware and attentive to spectacle silent but deeply eloquent, which unfolds every day above our heads.

The way a bird's wings interact with the air, creating invisible currents that support its body, also raises questions about the relationship between the visible and the invisible. What we see through the lens is just the tip of the iceberg; Beneath the visible surface is a world of invisible forces that move the entire universe.

How many other "invisible chains" exist in our own lives, influencing our actions and decisions in ways we barely understand?

Written by Angela Rosana, find out more about me here.

Credits to the photographers appear in the images, with links to their respective Instagram profiles. Find out more about each person’s work!

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Published on Instagram in November 2023


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