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The Evidence and Subtleties of Photography Through Glass

two children looking through glass with raindrops
Photo by Claudia Cabrero Malaga 🇪🇸

When looking through the veil of a pane of glass, we are delicately led to see a filtered reality. The glass, although transparent, presents itself as a barrier that separates the observer from the outside world and, simultaneously,The glass, although transparent, presents itself as a barrier that separates the observer from the outside world and, simultaneously, restricts the outsider's view of the interior space.

T's duality of photography through glass creates a disturbing sense of distance and closeness. Distance because there is a physical obstacle between the observer and the observed object. Proximity because, despite this barrier, the outside world is still visible and almost within reach. The viewer is thus called to explore this dimension, finding resonances of their own experiences and sensations.

woman behind fogged window with eyes closed
Photo by Andrea Seligman 🇧🇷

In an era where we challenge the distinction between inside and outside all the time, photographs that play with glass — whether showing distant views, reflecting urban silhouettes, or emphasizing the face pressed from a man immersed in his own thoughts — provoke us to reflect on the ephemeral and sometimes intangible nature of our moments and emotions. Just like the window pane that allows, to a certain extent, a view of the outside without completely compromising the privacy of the inside, modern society seeks to balance the need for connection with the desire for individuality.

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard discussed the idea of hyperreality, whererepresentations of something can become more significant than the object itself. When looking through the window, we perceive the outside world through a perspective shaped by imperfections, reflections and distortions. This vision can be interpreted as an allegory for the way we absorb information today: mediated through different prisms, be it social media, news or art.

couple in car photographed through glass
Photo by Ana Figueiredo 🇧🇷

Furthermore, artists throughout the ages have played with the idea of perception. From Renaissance paintings that used perspective techniques to create the illusion ofdepth, to contemporary artists who use mixed media to challenge our view of the real and the unreal. The images seen through a glazed surface encourage us to participate in this long tradition, questioning what is reality and what is representation.

Ultimately, every image you look through the glass is an invitation to introspection. It is a call to question what we see and, more than that, how we see, and, by extension, how we relate to the world around us. This visual exploration resonates with questions intrinsic to our being in the contemporary world.

Bride inside car photographed through glass
Photo by Thiago Silva 🇧🇷

Through these subtleties and imperfections, we delve into deeper, more nuanced layers of our essence and nature. By allowing ourselves this introspection, we expand our connection with art and life, going beyond simple observation and touching the core of our emotions and perceptions.

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