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Cross the Possibilities Mastering the Plans in Photography

Experience photography's intriguing bond with cinema: the art of defining shots. Each choice is a decision that grants the photographer the magic of telling his/her story through this resource. The harmonic dance between planes and reality teaches us to see beyond the obvious and shows us that, in the art of photography, the plane is much more than an aesthetic composition, it is the perception of what unfolds before our eyes.

Plans in Photography
Photo by Normilson Oliveira

Imagine yourself in front of a stunning backdrop, ready to photograph the beauty that your eyes behold. Before you click, you ask yourself, "How do retrtie all the awesomeness of this place together?"

It is like a window that opens onto the scene, revealing the landscape in all its magnitude or welcoming us in intimate details, all depending on the proximity with which we approach her.

The photographic shots take us from the most open panoramas to the penetrating looks of a close-up. Each one plays a role and this is fundamental in building engaging visual narratives.

Let's start with the General Plan. He is the master of horizons, the frame that embraces the entire panorama like a blank. As in cinema, when the director establishes the setting of the story right at the beginning, the photographer, through this plan, allows us to contemplate the vastness of the environment and emotionally involves us with the portrayed space.

Now, we enter the Whole Plan. In this framework, people gain prominence, and the setting serves as a stage for their actions. It's as if we were watching a theatrical show, where the characters interact with the environment around them. Immersed in the story, we feel what the characters feel, every detail is important and dialogues with the expressions and gestures of the protagonists.

Plans in Photography
Photo by Lucas Moraes

It is interesting to note how choosing the Whole Plan can influence our perception of history. In a photograph of a vast beach, for example, the human characters become small, standing out in their vulnerability to the immensity of nature. On the other hand, in a busy urban scene, the crowd becomes the very essence of the landscape, full of life and dynamism.

As we move forward, we come across the interesting American Plan, which invites us to participate in the plot as privileged spectators. As if we were spying on a random conversation, this shot cuts through part of the subject's body, creating a sense of intimacy and curiosity. It's as if we were in the middle of an unfolding plot, lurking for secrets from the characters who seem to be immersed in their own mysteries.

Plans in Photography
Photo by Daniele V. Silva

One more step and we find the Middle Plane. Here, proximity allows us to immerse ourselves in the expressions, emotions and gestures of the protagonist. It is an intimate encounter, as if the moment lasted for eternity, revealing the depth of the people in the portraits.

Plans in Photography
Photo by Camila Antoniolli

A little closer and we have the Short Medium Shot, which transports us to a world full of details and charms. Each object, accessory or detail tells its own story, in its microscopic universe of meanings.

Plans in Photography
Artwork by Reginaldo Borges

Finally, we come to the most penetrating looks: the First Plan and the Very First Plan. These plans invite us to a complete immersion in the scene. Each detail becomes a passage to the essence of the subject, an invitation to empathy and understanding of the human being.

And so, through the photographic planes, we unveil the art of storytelling with framing. Each plane is a powerful resource that connects us to different dimensions of the visual world. By understanding the importance of these choices, we open the doors to the miracle of transforming images into remarkable narratives.

Plans in Photography
Photo by Valdemir Cunha

Now it's your turn to explore and experiment. Unlock the infinite possibilities of planes in photography and bring your own visual stories to life. Always remember: the art is in the details, in the careful choices that reveal the world from your perspective. So which plan will you choose for your next photo?

Written by Angela Rosana, learn more about me here.< /span>

Credits to photographers and artists appear on the images, with links to their Instagram profiles.

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Published on Instagram in August 2023


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