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High Key: How about learning about the photographic technique that is on the rise?

high key

The high key photographic technique has gained prominence in contemporary photography and has already become a darling of professionals in the field. area. This technique consists of creating images that look elegant, bright and smooth, with few shadows and few dark tones, which makes it perfect for portraits, fashion and advertising photography. To achieve the high key effect, it is important to pay attention to some important details, such as using a white background, lighting the background separately from the photographed object, and using soft, diffused light to avoid shadows. And if you want to go deeper into this technique, it's worth checking out the work of photographers like Peter Coulson, who uses the high key technique in many of his fashion portraits, and the work of the cosmetics brand Glossier, who uses this technique. in their advertising campaigns. High key photos have the ability to draw a lot of attention and generate interest in the public, which can boost sales or engagement on social networks. In addition, this technique creates images with a clean and sophisticated look, ideal for those who want to create a harmonic and stylish social media feed. But, it is important to remember that the high key technique is not the only option for shooting in natural light. There are other techniques, such as the low key technique, which consists of creating images with deep shadows and dark tones, and the flat lay technique, which consists of photographing objects from above. Each technique has its own aesthetic and can be chosen according to the objective and message you want to convey. If you want to go deeper into the subject, there are several sources of information available, such as books, blogs, forums and online courses. And if you want to be inspired, just check out the hashtags #highkeystudio or #highkeynaturallight on Instagram.

Now that you already know the high key technique with natural light, how about trying it in your next photos? Remember to use a white background, light the background separately from the photographed object, and use soft, diffused light. Share your results and use the hashtag #highkeynaturallighting to showcase your photos. And don't forget to have fun and explore your creativity! If you liked this article, leave a review at the bottom of the page! Written by Angela Rosana, learn more about me here. Read other articles here Visit our Instagram Post on Instagram on 03/22/2023


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