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Reflections in photography: Subverting the reality that is beyond the mirror

Have you ever been lost in the contemplation of a reflection? This fascinating interaction between the real and its virtual double is a door to a universe of aesthetic and psychological possibilities in photography. This is an invitation to go beyond conventional aesthetic standards, exploring these visual echoes as a tool to express human subjectivity.

To understand the power of reflections in photographic art, we immerse ourselves in the myth of Narcissus, the young Greek man who fell madly in love with his own reflection in the water. Like Narcissus, we too are drawn to our mirror image, but unlike myth, we don't have to fall into the trap of self-destruction. Instead, how about we embrace these visual projections as a gateway to self-discovery and creative exploration?

Reflections in photography, by portraying an image projected on different contexts and surfaces, reveal much more than a mere visual duplication. They invite us to delve into the human psyche, exploring the labyrinths of identity, duality and the unconscious.

While Narcissus was lost in the superficial emptiness of his reflection, we can find a way to transcend that superficiality, revealing hidden layers of the soul through reflections. When contemplating the moon or the sun, reflected in the sea or in a river, for example, we are transported to a state of introspection and wonder. These images can bring out the immensity of our thoughts, feelings and memories, in a unique opportunity to explore our identity, navigating the labyrinths of ambiguity and the unconscious.

Are we beyond mere appearances? The reflection challenges us to explore this and other essential questions: what are the masks we use on a daily basis and how do they manifest themselves in the reflections we apprehend? By exploring this kind of mirage, can we discover hidden aspects of our personality and express our authenticity? Can these mirrors teach us about duality and the internal conflicts that inhabit each one of us? Can we create works that represent beauty not only from the surface, but also from the soul, through reflections?

I challenge you to leave the comfort zone of traditional aesthetics and allow yourself to explore this photographic approach as a form of self-expression, letting your images whisper the stories of the human condition.

Get ready to face your own projections, challenge the notion of reality and create a visual dialogue that transcends the limits of imagination!

Written by Ángela Rosana, learn more about me here .< / span>

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Posted on Instagram on 7/5/2023


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