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Sunset Photos: Bridge or Destiny?

The evening has its own stillness, different from the silence of other times of the day. Photographing at twilight, which simultaneously heralds the end of the day and the gentle arrival of night, is an exercise in balance and timing. Light is both a scarce and valuable resource and shadows begin to take shape, offering depth and perspective to everything they touch.

In this interlude, which can be both a bridge to the night and a destination in itself — the celebration of the day in its final act — photography captures the moment in which the light, still present, instead of imposing itself, subtly fades away. The photographer, thus, acts less as a mere observer and more as a translator, deciphering and recording the unique language of the evening.

The relationship between photographer and the environment when the sun sets is marked by a series of decisions that go beyond technical aspects. There is a non-verbal communication with the scene, an intrinsic understanding that the shadows and the sun rays play a definitive role in the final picture . The emotion that is registered in this twilight can vary greatly, showing introspection that accompanies the end of another cycle of Earth's rotation.

In this golden hour, the images captured become a mirror of personalreflections. Facing the distant horizon can bring a feeling of smallness in the face of the immensity of the world; the sight of a street that calms down appears as an indication of the constant change of urban life. It is at this moment that we can document through the lens the brief theater of light and color that only happens when day gives way to night.

Looking at photography during the evening as a way of self-knowledge It may seem like a big pretension, but there is truth in this thought. Behind the camera, we are alone with our thoughts, challenged to find the beauty in change, to interpret light and shadow, to record something that speaks to the heart before it disappears with the arrival of night.

The ability to see the world through the lens of a camera, especially during this magical hour, can truly alter the perception we have of our surroundings and ourselves. Photography portrays scenes, objects, people, but feelings and thoughts underlie all of this, which allows for an infinity of interpretations and personal connections.

Photographing the sunset is an opportunity to see beyond the veil of the obvious. In these moments, the world seems to hold its breath before night arrive. It is a call for us to find new ways of understanding and appreciating the essence of this world that, every late afternoon, reaches its destination in an eternal cycle of goodbyes and welcomes.

Written by Angela Rosana, learn more about me here.

Credits to photographers and artists appear in the images, with links to their respective Instagram profiles.

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Published on Instagram in November 2023


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