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The Fantasy of Forms: A Journey through the Photographic Perspective

Welcome to an incursion that can change your aesthetic perception and instill the most intense emotions in your viewers. Today, we're going to explore photography from an unconventional perspective: the photographic perspective.

Imagine your photography as a portal to an infinite world of possibilities, where lines converge, vanishing points create illusions, and playing with relative size scrambles the viewer's mind. That's the power of perspectives, a compositional element that can transform your images into mind-blowing experiences. It's as if we could conjure up an illusion, representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface, and transport the viewer into a parallel universe of sensations and emotions.

When contemplating a scene, we rarely stop to think about the perspective our eyes and brain naturally perceive. However, if we study carefully, we will identify elements that give the sensation of proximity or distance, as if we were being drawn into the image itself.

Photographic Perspective
Photo by Lucas Lermen

Vanishing points, also called one-point perspective, lead us along trails that are lost in the distance and roads that seem to extend into infinity, and two- or three-point perspective opens up an even wider range of possibilities, allowing us to play with triangle-shaped lines and create truly original compositions.

In addition, the descending scale presents us with an immediate sense of scale and size, challenging us to see the distant as small and the near as large, thus creating an intriguing and immersive effect. And as if we were entering a world of fiction, forced perspective photography surprises us with its abstract and absurd forms, transporting us to a place where imagination is the only limit. And let's not forget an important element, which is the atmosphere, which can create visual anomalies and hide distant details, taking us down a path of mystery and enchantment, where light itself calls us to decipher its secrets. In each framing, with boldness and creativity, you can be the master of your visual narratives, leading the eyes where you want, and, at the same time, inviting them, who knows, to get lost in your compositions.

But, let's go beyond the technicalthe. When we are impacted by a photograph that uses perspective in a subtle and creative way, we are invited to an intimate dance between the real and the illusory, between the familiar and the unknown. We are faced with an unexplored universe, where relative size and distorted elements arouse our curiosity and question our perception of reality.

When we are enraptured by one of these images, we can question our positionposition in the world and our own limitations. We are challenged to see beyond the obvious, to uncover layers of meaning, and this immersive experience is what makes these photographs so powerful.

Now, you might ask yourself, "But how can I incorporate these perspectives into my essays without falling into the same rut?" The answer is simple: dare! Allow yourself to experiment with unusual angles, play with reflections, frame your portraits using surrounding objects, and dabble in deliberate distortions. Dare to create the forced perspective photograph that will make your viewers rub their eyes for the truth.

Remember, art is not just about techniques, but about the emotion that is conveyed. By tapping into this powerful resource, you are challenging yourself and the viewer to explore photography's most poignant dimensions. The use of perspective in photography combines the rapture of a sensory experience with a whirlwind of sensations and connects your audience to you and your work like never before.

So, raise your camera, forget the shackles of convention and create scenes that tell stories in a rare language. Don't be afraid to be provocative, because it is precisely in this audacity that the enchantment lies.

Let the perspective lead you into a universe of infinite possibilities. Allow yourself to experience and fall in love with the visual metamorphosis of perspective, as keys that unlock the aesthetic secrets of composition. Surprise yourself, surprise us and, above all, inspire us.

Written by Angela Rosana, learn more about me < span style="color: #fab855;">here.

Credits to photographers and artists appear on the images, with links to their Instagram profiles.

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Published on Instagram in July 2023


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